who we are

MICE & TOURISM around the World is a global monthly e-magazine for the tourism, m.i.c.e, business, exhibitions, luxury and aviation industries.

Started in 1997, it has grown to become one of the more unique and unusual e-magazines, reaching an ever growing circulation and sustainable since its first edition.

After over 2 decades of publication, MICE & TOURISM around the World continues to provide an interesting and useful resource for thousands within the industry.

Each monthly edition covers, destination reports, personnel interviews, hotel reviews, regional and sector news as well as other interesting articles that touch the tourism, MICE and aviation sectors.

MICE & TOURISM around the World is the official global media support for several key exhibitions, conferences, summits, and forums within the industry. To see who we are currently supporting, visit our ‘Media Support‘ page.

We offer a comprehensive list of trade events within the sector via our Calendar of Events page on our website.

We act as Hosted Buyer Recruiters for a number of top international and regional events around the world.

MICE & TOURISM around the World is founded by BML International-UK,  both based in London, UK.


our logo

The logo of MICE & TOURISM around the World is sophisticated and professional symbolising the publication and its readers.

Designed to stand out as a visual pillar of the e-magazine, it clearly shows the ‘global’ aspect of the industry together with the three industry sectors the e-magazine is committed to cover and support:

  • Tourism & Travel
  • M.I.C.E. & Exhibitions
  • and Aviation;

These are represented by the three rings around the globe in the logo.